Tuesday 4/18/17

Guitars of the World Workshop: Sounds of Persia4/18/17 - 4/19/17 - Global Music Centre, Hämeentie 34 D

This workshop will be held on two consecutive days:

Tuesday 18.4.2017 10:00-13:00

Wednesday 19.4.2017 10:00-13:00

This workshop is meant for musicians/guitarists who already have some knowledge or ability on guitar and/or middle eastern music and want to improve their current skills. 

During the workshop participants will be given general knowledge about Persian music by learning Persian music scales/modes and the principles of some of the Persian modes, rhythms ornaments and special techniques of Persian music instrument setar.

The workshop consists of three parts: 
1. Introducing Persian instrument Setar and Persian music 
2. Persian music structure and instrumental forms and rhythms 
3. Transferring the music using similar techniques, forms and modes

Price: 50€/2 days; 30€/1 day

For all enquiries please contact Suzanne:

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Thursday 4/20/17

Djembe Drum Workshops4/20/17 - 4/27/17 - Selkämerenkatu 11
Welcome to an introduction in djembe drumming with Ossi Raippalinna at ISH! Workshops will run on two evenings according to the following age groups.
April 20: 17:30-18:15, 5-8 yr olds
April 20: 18:15-19:00, 8-12 yr olds
April 27: 17:30-18:15, 13-18 yr olds
April 27: 18:15-19:00, adults
Price: 14€ per person per session
For more information or to book your spot, please contact

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Sunday 4/23/17

Indian and Peruvian Folk Dances with Live Music4/23/17 - Bokvillan, Hämeentie 125, 00560 Helsinki


This event is designed for anyone interested in music or dancing. You can learn how to play traditional dance songs and how to perform music for the dances. If you are interested in dancing you will learn the steps and form of the dances by performing it together with live music.

Everybody and all kinds of music instruments are welcome, previous experience is not required.

Just bring your instrument, voice and body!

All of the events organized by World Music School Helsinki aim to connect the local cultural minorities through music. For this event, we are partnering for the first time with the International School of Music, Finland.

17:45 doors open: registration of guests
18:15 opening speech
18:30 Indian folk music/dances at the main room
18:30 kids workshops at room 2
19:45 Peruvian folk music/dances at the main room
21:00 lottery announcement


Kaffila Bokvillan.
Hämeentie 125, 00560

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Thursday 5/4/17

Guitars of the World Workshop: Charango5/4/17 - 5/6/17 - Hämeentie 34 D, Helsinki

ISM Finland is proud to present the second Guitars of the World Workshop with Silvo Vatanen.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce charango as an instrument for accompaniment in traditional music of Peru and Bolivia. It's targeted for pupils who already have basic skills in guitar or another stringed instrument.

Date: Thurs 4.5.17 and Sat 6.5.17
Time: 10:00 – 13:00
Location: Global Music Centre, Hämeentie 34 D, Helsinki
Price: 50€ for two days; 30€ for one day

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Saturday 5/20/17

ISM Spring Concert5/20/17 - ISH
The ISM Spring Concert will be held at the International School of Helsinki on Saturday May 20. Times to be confirmed.