International Music Playschool SMILE 

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International Music Playschool SMILE is starting English and Spanish Music playschool groups in the heart of Helsinki. Lessons will take place in Annantalo on Mondays (English) and Fridays (Spanish).

In order to sign up please fill out our Application form and state clearly which group you would like to join.






Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) aims to inspire a profound love and enthusiasm for music by immersing young children in a rich musical environment whilst also contributing to their overall development and wellbeing. In ECME classes, your child will develop and build basic musical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychomotoric skills through singing, playing, listening and moving to music. Research across the world has shown that ECME is beneficial for brain development and supports a child’s holistic development.



Family groups for children aged 0-2 with an adult can be formed upon a request. Lessons will take place at our Studio (Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki). Group will be established if there are minimum of 4 participants. 


This autumn 2016 we are offering special packages of 5, 9 and 14 lessons for the playschools/daycares that are cooperating with us. If your playschool/daycare is our partner, music playschool group lessons are held at your child’s own playschool/daycare.

We also offer lessons at our own Studio (Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki) for anybody who is interested.

  • Groups of 3-4 yrs and 5-6 yrs

  • 5-10 children in the same group

  • 45 minute lessons

  • Learn the basics of music

  • Sing, rhyme, play, listen, dance, move to music and play instruments

  • Target-oriented and versatile activities tailored to each child’s age and development

  • Taught by qualified Early Childhood Music Educators

SPRING 2017 FEES for the playschools/daycares:

5-10 students for 45 min lesson

15 lessons       157€

10 lessons       105€

For more information contact:

Annina Rintakumpu

ECM Educator, International Music Playschool SMILE



If your school is our partner Pre-instrumental Group classes take place at your child’s own school. We also offer Pre-instrumental Group lessons at our Studio (Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki).

We offer the following groups, playing one instrument or trying several instruments on a five week rotating basis with our Music Carousel.

1. Quavers: INTRODUCTORY MUSIC CAROUSEL for beginners (5-6yrs)

2. Crotchets: INTRODUCTORY MUSIC CAROUSEL for beginners (7-8yrs)

3. Minims: MUSIC CAROUSEL for students who started in Autumn now taking the next step on the same instruments (5-7yrs)

4. Kazoos: WORLD MUSIC CAROUSEL for beginners (5-6yrs)

5. Didgeridoos: WORLD MUSIC CAROUSEL for beginner (7-8yrs)

Pre-instrumental groups

1. Soloists (5-6yrs)
2. Virtuosos (for 7-8 yrs)
3. Maestros (for more advanced students who have had at least one semester of tuition

  • All groups are either 30 or 45 minute lessons

  • Learn the basics of an instrument and musical notation

  • Learn one instrument or try many with Music Carousel

  • Instrument options: Violin, Guitar, Kantele, and Piano, and introducing world music instruments in Spring 2017!

  • Fun and encouraging environment

  • Taught by qualified instrument teachers

SPRING 2017 FEES for the pre-instrumental/carousel lessons:

Groups for 30 min lesson      
  15 lessons 10 lessons  
2 students 225 € 150 €
Groups for 45 min lesson      
3 students 220 € 140 €
4 students 205 € 130 €


Our Spring term 2017 includes 15x60 min singing classes at ISH (Selkämerenkatu 11, Helsinki). Minimum of 5 kids aged 7-12. 

In the singing-club we will learn about our voice, how to sing and use the voice in the correct and healthy way. We will learn many songs from all around the world (France, Japan, Afrika, Spain, Finland, Sweden, England and Germany) and learn about the culture and pronunciation of the different languages.
We will meet new friends and connect together through music, singing and dancing. We will also develope our musical hearing, body and mind coordination, sing in many voices and have lots of fun!


165€ each including material for 15*60 minute lessons


For more information contact:

Suzanne Halmagiu

ISH and pre-instrumental/carousel co-ordinator

tel. 045 162 6308